Allavsoft | Download Music from Spotify and Video from Youtube

The best Spotify & Youtube music/video downloader

Allavsoft is a small but powerful Music/Video downloader for Spotify and Youtube. This tool that can search for songs and playlists on the popular music platform and download them to your computer, in MP3 format and in high quality. This program is able to do all this thanks to the powerful search engine (which communicates directly with the Spotify platform) and the possibility of downloading the exact same Spotify songs by searching for them on the Youtube platform. This mechanism (search, conversion and download) allows you to download practically any audio file, in an “indirect” way, from Spotify.

First download and install Allavsoft on your Windows PC or Mac from the following buttons:


With Audio Downloader you can:

  1. Download single songs of Spotify and Youtube on your PC
  2. Download entire Spotify playlists and Youtube playlist to your PC
  3. Download entire Spotify albums to your PC
  4. Download music and videos from Youtube to PC
  5. Download songs with integrated mp3 tags (e.g. album cover, various info …)

How to use Allavsoft Downloader

After downloading and installing the program you will see the following initial screen:

The program is very simple to use, its interface is very basic. To start immediately downloading your favorite Spotify songs you have to enter the URL of the spotify song, set an output folder and finally clock on the Download button.

All you need to do now is paste the url of the music track (Spotify) you want to download in the box at the top. If you use the “web” version of Spotify, go to and look for the song to download (or the playlist, or the album). Once you find the song, click with the right mouse button and then click on “Copy song link” as highlighted in the figure below:

Now paste the link into the program and click on the Download button. The program will show the progress bar of the download.

At the end of the download you have to click on OUTPUT FOLDER on the top to open the folder where the music was saved.

The procedure is the same if you want to download an entire playlist or music album from Spotify. In fact, you must first copy the link of the playlist (or album) as highlighted in the following figure:

Then paste the url of the playlist into Allavsoft and click Download. The program will ask you if you want to download first one or ALL songs. Click on ALL button.


How to download audio and videos from Youtube

The exact same procedure can be used to download music and videos from Youtube.

Step 1. Open the program and click on the central icon and you will see this window:

Step 2. Copy the link of the Youtube video (or Youtube playlist) you want to download (in video or audio format). Then click on Download button and the program automatically will start the download process.

Step 4. At the end of the download click on the Open Video Folder icon on the top to access the downloaded video files.